MIWA is an AMAZING old school Heavy Metal Band!

Featuring mind blowing vocals coming from a cute little Japanese girl.

Sean Lee lays down some Proper Metal riffs on the guitar while Bjorn Englen (Dio Deciples, Yngwie Malmsteen) holds it down on the bass.

And the most amazing thing is that their drummer is Chris Slade who is the current drummer in AC/DC!!! \m/


Check out some of MIWA’s videos…

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The Voice Mechanic

Sean Lee “The Voice Mechanic” is Hollywood’s premiere METAL voice instructor!

He has taught thousands of students with his High Belting technique. It’s different than the way most other people teach. On reason is because it actually works!


His clients range from the announcer and voice or the UFC Octagon Bruce Buffer to Chris Slade of AC/DC! \m/

Visit his website at www.VoiceMechanic.com


Here are a few video examples of Sean’s Metal teachings…

See Terry’s website (Singer of Great White) at: www.TerryIlous.com